Village Reunions

From time to time (usually after several years past since the last one) we plan reunions in which we meet in a confortable setting for conversation, looking at old pictures, and reuniting with others from the Village. During the course of the weekend long event, the group has meals at local diners including the Northvale diner near the Village. A highlight of the event is a walking tour of the Village lead by former resident, Jim Brown. The reunions and the tour are held rather infrequently in order not to over use our welcome with the county programs that now occupy the Village buildings. Watch this website and Village Memories for notices.

Virtual Reunions

There has been and will likely be another virtual reunion on the web conducted in an on-line chat room setting. Watch this website and Village Memories for notices.

Past Events...

A Weekend of Childhood Memories November 18-19, 2005
A group of alumni gather for a weekend of memories. They reunite over dinner, meet several former Village staff members, view a promotional film about the Village, share their memories and post Village lives with the sisters at their headquarters, and take a
walk back in time at the Village site.