Open Again in Cyberspace
Remember the candy store? Remember getting an allowance of fifty cents and everytime you were bad the sister would punch a hole in a small card to deduct five cents? Well, the Village Store is open again here in cyberspace.* You can now shop again — virtually. You won't be able to buy candy, but you will be able to get things like school supplies like you once used at Mother Evangelista School.
You won't need your punch card any more, but you will need your credit card!

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Be prepaired to return to Mother Evangelista School! (Or any other adult school you now attend or school that your children or grandchildren attend.)

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Back-to-School Essentials
A $13.93 VALUE
Kit contains 10 St. Joseph's Village Pencils, 200 page wide ruled notebook with class schedule and tables of multiplication and measurement, 12" ruler, protractor 3 erasers, school glue, and 4 colorful pencil sharpeners.(Pencils are Reproductions)

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St. Joseph's Village Pencils
(Higher cost
due to imprinting)

These pencils are imprinted with the words "St. Joseph's Village" and will certainly make you feel like you are taking notes in Sr. Scholastica's class when you are making up your grocery list. Give them to your children or grandchildren and tell them about school back in your day. (Reproductions)

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Marble Composition Notebook
3 Pack $4.13
SAVE $1.63
200 page wide ruled notebook with class schedule and tables of multiplication and measurement. 9 3/4" x 7 1/2"

Pop Quiz: What is the atmospheric pressure at sea level expressed in lbs. per sq. inch? (Amswer found in the back of the notebook)

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3 Pack $1.50
SAVE $.60
Clean up those mistakes before the sister sees them.

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Portable Pencil Sharpener
4 for $.50
A colorful set of four small pencil sharpeners.

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These colorful protractors will come in handy for measuring the degrees of an angle. Remember doing that... and when did you have to since then?

Pop Quiz: How many degrees are there in a full circle? (Amswer below)

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12 Inch Wood Ruler
A real parochial school classic and an oldtime favorite of many nuns!

Large size shown
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White School Glue
Large $2.33
Small $1.17
Art class offered a welcome break from the three Rs and a time to be creative. (BTW, did they even have art at SJV?) This glue will be just as useful today around the home or office.

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Answers to Pop Quiz:
There are 360 degrees in a full circle

*This is not the official store of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace or of any actual St. Joseph's Village. While merchandise is actually for sale through Optisonics Productions, its likeness to the former store at St. Joseph's Village is purely for nostalgia.

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